The Production Team



Casual-T the music man from Brooklyn is scoring our music for the teaser trailer and film. Being an autodidactic composer, Casual-T has always been adamant about keeping an open mind, and getting as much information from as many diverse sources as possible.


Carnival Advisor 


Steve Hunt is the owner of Elephant House Actions and a specialist in all things fairgound and carnival. He will be advising on our carnival scenes and building the set model of The Tooth Emporium.


 Director of Photography 


Rod 'The Vicar' Marley will be shooting this film with his wealth of experiance and knowledge, we're in good hands! The Vicar has been with the project from the start and is ready to get behind the camera to shoot some tooth fairies! Please see his IMDB profile...

 Prop Master


Joe Slatter is a mastermind behind The Dark Power, he is a scuptor, model maker and all round tinker! Joe has been keen on steampunk for years and has made shorts and music videos in the steampunk genre.

 Project Manager 

Jantinder Bal was the producer of the feature film Enclosure.

 Head of Make up & FX

Max Von De Banks has worked on film and TV productions here in the UK and also in Europe.

Working in all roles within the make up department from a daily artist to head of department, he has also designed make up for a number of film and stage productions.

A true talent to bring our tooth fairies to life.

 The Writer

MJ Simpson has been a prolific writer since 1995 when he joined SFX magazine, He has been interviewing writers, directors, producers, actors, effects artists and other people involved with science fiction, horror, animation and other cult movies ever since and has a dedicated website for those files...

He also has written many Short & Feature scripts leading to him working on The Wicked Mr Danior.

 The Concept Artists

Rich Inwood has been drawing all his life, committed to the graffiti style that can be seen across the country.

Steve Simmons is the creative mind behind Airworksart, a leading concept and storyboard artist for the film industry.

 The Director

Benedict Mart has been a keen filmmaker for over 18 years, He started his career as projectionist. Since then Benedict has never looked back, working on his indie feature films. Benedict thought of the idea of The Wicked Mr Danior, the night before he had to have a tooth pulled!