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Location Scouting at IronBridge Museum
We went up to Ironbridge Gorge to scout out location, It's a living victorian museum with a high street and serveal shops that include a Druggist, post office, Pub and printers. Very good location to shoot the extior town shots but has been used quite alot. Please see photo's below...

Location Scouting at Chatham Docks
We went down Chatham Docks to scout out location, basically the museum has serveal old boats and a working Ropery. Also a empty old wharehouse. Pleae see photo's below...

Bradford Industrail Museum steampunk photoshoot!

I went to the photoshoot organised by Beth and had a fantastic day meeting & photographing steampukers in a fantastic location. Also many thanks to Mark the engineer!

Dentist Chair Model Under Construction- Completed!
We have know ordered the dentist chair from the talented steampunk artist, Joe Slatter from The Dark Power.  Watch this space for further detials of our fabled dentist chair! - Photo's on the Concept Art Work page!

Indiegogo Campaign Finished
We wish to thank  everyone who has kindly donated to this project. The monies raised will go towards concept artwork by Steve Simmons. Many thanks again.

New Phone App Available
 For those into the super tech and smart phones, we have created a app so you can follow us  where ever you are. It's free and no Ads so follow the link below...

Oxford Museum of the History of Science 
 For further research and to spread the good word of Danior, we went to visit the museum that exhibited Ray Lee's Ethometric machines. A great show that astounded everyone and we highly recommend going to Oxford to hear those machines. Quite later in date compared to Danior's time period but it still  feeds the imagination. A bizarre and wonderful experience! Check out Daniors Kinoscope for live footage. Also more footage on our Facebook Page
Early Optical Devices in the Museum

A Ethometric Machine!

Illustrious Convention
We went publicise the Danior project and met a whole host of great and friendly people at the Hilton in the NEC. We had a good response with alot of people stating they like the concept and idea of the project! Below are acouple of photo's... the main entrance and  the best costume we found (we might be steampunk'd biased!) 
Illustrious Convention entrance

Major Tom

Attending events over the Easter weekend
We’re be attending acouple of great events over the Easter weekend, so if your at either or near by and want to chat about the project, please feel to come over and talk to us.

Birmingham NEC Hilton Hotel (Sat & Sun)
Oxford Museum of the History of Science and then the pub! ( Sat 6-9)

 Air Kraken Day 18th March 2011
To support and enjoy the Air kraken day we made up a small video to celebrate the Kraken. I used old footage shot at the M5 with the Worcester re-enactors battle and grabbed acouple of images. Only worked on it for acouple of nights but enjoyed making it and hopefully you will enjoy it aswell.
This video isn't connected with The Wicked Mr Danior but any steampunk or cthulhu fans/rpg'ers should check it out. Would make a good rpg resource. 
The Steampunk'd Tooth Fairies Designs

The Steampunk Tribune has kindly featured our steampunk'd tooth fairies! The concept artwork is by Chris Down

On Thrusday we went down to curious science, a medical prop and set hire in London. We were kindly shown round by Richard. It is a treasure trove of all medical props old and new.  They had a limited supply of old Victorian dentist's props which was a shame, in fact we have a larger collection of oral tools. Curious did hire out a large collection of stuffed animal heads, please see pic below...
Also onsite they had built two old style medical sets, a tiled surgeon room and a wood paneled consulting room. Each of the sets were to a high standard.  The only problem is that the sets were static where all walls were fixed and little room around them. Also the consulting room had a large support bar running though the room 7ft high. On the up side if you hired the set you could use the props on site free of charge. 

 Factory/Warehouse Visit

We visited long Marston Industrial Estate and was shown three different units in the excess of 3000sqm. The picture below is Unit 21, for the same price as CFS it's 10 times bigger and double the lease  time. Only problem is the sound, echoes and when it rains you can't hear yourself think. Considering it rains most of the time in England we would have to ADR everything. Huge headache. Also we would have to build a green room, make up room, office, prop, wardrobe and equipment stores.  Also is/would get very dusty.
 Overall factory/warehouse is cheap but alot of hassle attched to it....

 Cheltenham Film Studios Visit

Went to CFS today and was kindly show round by Lisa. It has 1 sound stage around 300sqm. It is more for music videos and small sets rather than what we were looking for. Small room off it could be used as a green room but no other rooms for props or costumes etc. The make up room was off the canteen area past the reception. Would have to bring in containers for storage. Expensive to build sets on site, although timber yard is near by and B&Q 100m away!Near motorway and in nice surroundings. Abit small and costly for production. Going to check out factories and warehouses next... 

Indiegogo Campiagn 

Nearly ready to go live on the campaign, just have to finish off video pitch.